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White-label App SDK Introduction

White-label App SDK (Headless SDK)

The MineSec White-label App SDK (sometimes we refer it as Headless SDK) is designed to simplify the development of SoftPOS applications by providing essential functionalities while allowing maximum customizability. This SDK abstracts the complexity of setting up and managing the underlying CPoC/ MPoC SDKs, enabling developers to focus on crafting unique merchant experiences.


  • Simplified Integration: Easy to wire up, initialize, and manage the lifecycle of the CPoC/MPoC SDKs.
  • Composable UI: Leverages Compose for customizability, allowing developers to pass UI components (composable or XML view) for a seamless integration.
  • Comprehensive APIs: Provides intuitive APIs for essential SoftPOS functionalities, reducing the need for in-depth PCI/ SoftPOS/ EMV knowledge.
  • PCI Compliant: Ensures compliance with PCI CPoC and MPoC standards, providing secure and reliable payment processing.

Secure by Default

  • All transactions are secure with PCI-compliant encryption and adversaries protection inherited from the CPoC/ MPoC SDKs.
  • Automatic, robust handling of sensitive operations like PIN entry, card reading, and transaction processing.

Customizability and Flexibility

  • Headless Architecture: Allows developers to build custom merchant experiences by providing your UI in code directly.
  • Seamless Integration into Existing Apps: In contrast to our white label app, the Headless SDK can be integrated directly into your existing business app, eliminating the need to install a separate SoftPOS application.
  • Seamless Backend Integration: It's integrated with the Enabler Service for maintaining the bare information required for constructing payment messages to acquiring hosts/ designated payment gateway.

Quick Time-to-market

  • Developer-Friendly: Reduces development time and effort with its streamlined setup and easy-to-use APIs.
  • Flexible Implementation: Suitable for a variety of merchant use cases, from basic payment acceptance to more complex, customized solutions.

The Headless SDK is the ideal solution for developers looking to create secure, PCI-compliant SoftPOS applications with a high degree of customizability and a quick time-to-market.

Default UI

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